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In Currently, in addition 4 elevators , are able to store and earn money at the same time (drying, cleaning) to 27,000 tons grains and oilseeds, Ltd. "Dawn» is the most large, stable and well-functioning flour mill, located in the city Chernyahovsk Kaliningrad . Our facilities are capable of producing to 1,300 tons of flour per month, which allows you to our factory to be highly competitive in this market segment. We supply our products as large bakeries area ( Company "PP" Russian bread "Kaliningrad, JSC" Baltic Bread "Baltiysk ), so the average ( LLC" Kalinin bread "Nesterov, JSC "EKPOL" g.Polessk, SP Rudenkov g.Slavsk ) and a small bakery. Popular with our products and large meat and fish processing enterprises in the region, such as LLC "Plant Food" Kaliningrad, Ltd. "Viciunai-Rus" Sovetsk, Ltd. "Svetlovsky Combine meat" Svetliy, Ltd. "Chernyakhovskii meat" Chernyahovsk . flagship product of our mill production - wheat flour baking premium, made in accordance with GOST R 52189-2003 .


P obochnym product of processing of grains are wheat bran -is a valuable feed for all types of farm animals, so wheat bran are widely used as raw material for the production of different feeds used in animal husbandry. Our regular customers are purchasing bran feed mills and livestock farms.


We produce to 400 tons of the product per month.


In 2011 Ltd. "Dawn» has implemented a project to acquire the production line breadcrumbs and the start line production. The main mission of this project - to satisfy growing in Russia, the EU and the countries of South-East Asian market needs of consumers breadcrumbs .


I vlyayas largest player in this segment in Russia and the Kaliningrad area (we intend to produce up to 1250 tons per month breadcrumbs ), we associate the future with an update of the range of products, ensuring the highest quality and a guarantee of security of supply. Since one of the dominant issues of our business - meet the current level and the requirement of customers and partners, all of our efforts are aimed at sustainable, fruitful and long-term cooperation.


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