About the Company

Company History "Zarya"

Limited Liability Company "Dawn» our factory was in 2008, but its history goes back to pre-war past. The company was founded in East Prussia in Insterburg (Chernyakhovsk) in the 30 years and served as a strategic site storage of food grains and Germany.



In 1945, after the transfer of the northern part of East Prussia to the Soviet Union and the formation of the Kaliningrad region, the company, which became the property of the Soviet state, continued to perform the same functions as the Germans. On the territory of the state-owned enterprises were established «Zagotzerno» and «Mailbox» , which is engaged in preparation and storage of state reserves of grain and food products. In 70 years, these companies merged into one and expanded the volume, so the scope of its activities. Annual turnover of grain at the time was 180,000 tons. In addition to providing feed wheat throughout the Kaliningrad region, one of the few elevator worked part-time job and acceptance of raw materials (hops, malt) for the brewing industry and reloading it as a republic in the Soviet Union and the Czechoslovak exports to the Soviet Socialist Republic.


in 80 years as the beginning of cultivation of collective and state farms of the Kaliningrad region of rapeseed, an elevator and engaged in processing of raw materials intended for the Russian oil and fat plants.


Over the years at the plant was modernized and gradually acquired the face of the modern enterprise, as it is now, with public innovation infrastructure.